America will soon have “boots on [Syrian] ground.”

23 Jul

For sometime now it was obvious that the Hillary Clinton/Barak Obama decision to stand on the sideline in Syria was just as damaging as that of “leading from behind” at Arab Springs. The Arab Springs was aiding a movement to expand Sharia law that Mrs. Clinton mistook as a move towards democratization. The un-involvement in Syria gave Assad and his handlers (Russia, and Iran, Iran with Hezbollah, Hamas, and other Jihadists,) enough time to overcome the surprise and early advances of the rebels, and start to control the action. Assad’s support included the presence of Hezbollah troops, and a great deal of support from Iran, rendering his side a Shii effort.
As soon as it became obvious that the Assad side is a Shii movement, Sunnis in the region, led by the Saudis, with an element of al Qaeda started to aid the rebels and essentially cause them to become a Sunni effort.
Putting that in perspective, Syria’s large, the largest in the world, arsenal of Chemical weapons started to get the world’s attention. The Syrian chemical weapons with delivery systems that can reach about 160,000 US troops in the Gulf, as well as troops in Jordan, Turkey, and on the Mediterranean, made it obvious that without US “boots on the ground,” many American, and allies people are going to be in harms way. Poor understanding of the Middle East by Hillary Clinton may end up with the need for American boots on the ground. Had the USD entered the rebellion early one, it is quite likely that by now there would be a situation without Assad, and perhaps with a democratic regime in Syria.
In large part due to US foreign policy the conflict in Syria is now a religious war, a conflict that caused the adding of two million refugees to the region, and the death of about one hundred people in Syria, dwarfing the Palestinian issue by an order of magnitude?

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