Putin’s quest to regain “super-power” status:

19 Jul

Putin’s quest to regain “super-power” status:
Always having the upper-hand when dealing with Barak Obama, Vladimir Putin is on a vigorous course to returning Russia to a “super-power,” that it once was.
Russia, or rather Vladimir Putin, would a fast-track action for re-establishing Russia as the “super-power.”
Its approach seems to gain clients states and control in country rich with natural resource, but shy in the are of development. Russia is heavily involved in Syria, and through Iran, heavily involved in Iraq. Should it be able to assume some control of the Middle East through Syria, Iraq, and Iran (via al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, and other Jihadists) it would become a super-power almost overnight.
But there is also China. Russian technology is quite advanced but the Chinese are catching up and surpassing most other nations. For example, China is the only country with X-Generation computing power, which give it a tremendous age in the area of simulation that leads to extreme power.
From what I can see, Europe is not in Russia’s sights; right now, it new target of becoming a super power is in areas that are less likely to resist Russia’s overtures. Europe worries should be much more from Islam. The influx of Muslims into Europe, and the insurgence and expansion of Sharia law in North Africa, should be Europe’s are of Sharia term concerns.

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