Is “civilian authority” eroding under Obama?

8 Jul

Is “civilian authority” eroding under Obama?
Do people in their right minds believe that the Egyptian coup took place without United States support? If anyone does, I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I can sell cheaply!
Removal of document so that they escape Freedom of information scrutiny is just another sign that United States Government covert actions are rampant; at times without the involvement, or knowledge of the President, our Commander-in-Chief(C.i.C.)
General Dempsey is on record that the Egyptian military and US military, are very close to one another; they are as “thick as thieves!” The Egyptian military could no have created a coup without its US counterpart’s knowledge.
Then, of course, the NSA revelations, and Fast and Furious, and “data mining” that include millions, and millions, the media source review, and the list goes on.
The is little doubt that the US Government is engaged in covert operation around the world, as well as in the homeland, an alarming set of revelations.
There are two possibilities. Either that the Obama Administration is aware of the activities, a bad situation. Or, a very scary scenario, one the founding fathers were very concerned about, that covert activities are taking place without approval of top US civilian authorities.
The Obama Presidency that held so much promise for openness, and transparency, is either the most secretive Administration ever, or, one that in its naiveté it is allowing elements within the military and clandestine operations to act outside of United States legal bound.

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