Is the Zimmerman case and Obama’s reckless DOJ destroying America’s Jurisprudence?

29 Jun

Is the Zimmerman’s case, and also Obama’s reckless DOJ, destroying America’s Juris-Prudence?
why is the Zimmerman trial getting Hysterical attention that it is getting?
Due to the make-up of the parties involved, one African-American, the other partially while, many in the political arena caused the event to become a racial confrontation.
seizing the opportunity irresponsible people put it on the social media to feed the frenzy. The cable [political] media, for example, MSNBC long ago declared Zimmerman guilty, Fox News declared him innocent; and the trial just started. Social media is doing the same thing What should be a trial based on facts turned into a political and racial circus, an event that is shaming the United States, especially while its Government is trampling on America’s justice, and freedoms!
Adding to the Zimmerman, are DOJ and related activities. There was Fast and fury, the checking of media sources, and the NSA checking of America’s private conversations.
Is irresponsible media that run trials on its outlets, nd a reckless Administration endangering America’s legal being?

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