Snowden, a catalyst for essential national debate!

26 Jun

Snowden, a catalyst for essential national debate! Did Edward Snowden wake up the “sleeping giant,” called The United States of America,” suggesting that it must not sacrifice freedom of its people in the name of security?
Until more information is out, no one can credibly tell if Edward Snowden was a traitor, a whistle-blower, or a national hero. The sad part that did come to light is America’s standing with the international community, or Hillary Clinton’s legacy from her State Department stint.
There is little doubt that America is better liked around the world than it was when George W. Bush was President, but it much less respected. George W. Bush, not a staler President, but rather a failing one, did “carry a big stick and spoke softly,” while President Obama speaks loudly but abandoned the stick entirely.
The rejection of United States extradition request, or actually demand by Chins was a clear demonstration of that rapidly emerging super-power lack of respect for the United States Administration. Russia rejection of the United States demand goes beyond that of China, it is a demonstration of disdain for the US.
The Chinese, the Islamic World, and a large number of other nations, show no respect for the United States under this Administration. Russia, under Vladimir Putin issue is with the United States, regardless of the Administration in power.
Mrs. Clinton failing performance at State is but another example how policies seldom make good diplomats, they seem to care more about personal image, and for being liked, than for gaining respect for who they represent. Had President Bush appointed a strong Secretary of State to follow Mrs. Clinton, the United States might have avoided some of the present humiliation.
The Snowden case has little do with the respect America has in the world, it does, however, bring out some elements in its character that do not make us proud. When, on September eleven two thousand and one, nineteen young Muslims changed the United States, its character was damaged. The Patriot’s Act, which allows those on power to abuse it, resulted, and remains in place in spite of designed to be a “temporary” measure. That Act, and the power it gives the authorities seems to corrupt those in power. If Edward Snowden simply reacted to abuse of power that he witnessed, then he would deserve to be rewarded by a grateful nation. If Snowden’s motives were anything but the desire to right a wrong, the man should be punished to the full extent of the law. Only time and patience will tell.
In the meantime America must work hard at repairing its image around the world, but one must wonder if President Obama, with Secretary of State Kerry can do the job?

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