Climate-Science, versus politics, like oil and water: Topics Obama must avoid!

22 Jun

Climate-Science, versus politics, like oil and water: Topics Obama must avoid!

President Obama is about to encounter a slippery slope, science. Science cannot be legislated, it may be slightly redirected through fund allocation, but even that is not a prudent move.
When years ago, in the early 1800’s, Thomas Malthus predicted that the world is going to run out of resources to sustain the human race, panic set in. Many years later the human race proves resilient, without government intervention science adapted to growth.
In the seventies, jay Forrester of MIT developed “dynamic” [human] systems showing the relations between humans and “nature,” and showed how humans adapt.
President Obama with all the “live” issues he has on his hands, and the scandals would be well advised to let the scientific community deal with the environment and simply allocate it the resources to do their job!
Based on human dynamic systems. Scarcity and Growth (Johns Hopkins, 1963,) suggests: “Not only ingenuity but, increasingly, understanding not luck but systematic investigation, are turning the tables on nature, making it subservient to man.”
In closing, I do not accept that nature (who some call G-d, or the Creator,) will ever be subservient to man, but man, through science can, and should be allowed to without interference from either government, or religion, to adapt to the demand of nature, and harness them for the betterment of man.

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