In Syria: “The horse is out of the barn…” Or, Putin trumps Obama!

18 Jun

In Syria: “The horse is out of the barn…” Or, Putin trumps Obama!
Michelle Obama should never allow President Obama to meet with Vladimir Putin. When they meet one another their ability to get the upper hand seems in inverse proportion to heir size. Putin just told Obama that aiding the Syrian rebels is aiding cannibals, aiding terrorists, and he was partially right.
The United States policy of for over two years standing on the sidelines in Syria, allowed the Iranian and Russians to shore up Assad, and create a powerful Shii element on his side.
While the US was standing on the sidelines, the Sunni Saudis, and other Gulf States, with al Qaeda, started to aid the rebels, transforming them to a Sunni fighting entity, rather than the secular nationalistic group that started the rebellion.
Unless President Obama puts “boots on the ground,” by just supplying weaponry, perhaps airpower, and money, to the rebels, if they win it would create a [Sunni] Sharia ruled state, as bad, or worse than Egypt.
In order for President Obama to follow up on his promise to help Syria, he must go to Congress or violet the DAA. If he does go to Congress, if he is honest, he would need to explain that helping the rebels win, without US troops involvement, could yield a radical Islamic state.
Waiting too long allowed the “horse to get out of the barn,” the opportunity for a democratic Syria is now nearly lost.


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