Is Obama testing robustness of constitution?

10 Jun

Unwittingly or with purpose, President Obama testing Robustness of Constitution.

President Obama, a legal scholar, must have realized that his underling were taking actions that could easily be construed as contrary to the constitution, at least to the intent of that document.
For the layperson that I am, having read the constitution it appears that the Government under President Obama acted in a manner inconsistent with the first and fourth amendments. Early on, getting reported sources was disturbing, going deeper into information from Rosen’s of Fox News, made that situation take shape of a potentially serious situation. The IRS tampering with application for tax-exemptions was also alarming.
Then appeared the NSA situation with its monitoring of millions of individual records, on the surface a situation where the Government offer to trade security for “some” freedom. One of the problems has to do with the fact that giving up some freedom is the beginning of giving it freedom, much like “a little pregnant,” ending with a baby.
Using historical measure, the under 250 year-old United States is in its infancy; so is its form of government, and the constitution.
President George W. Bush recklessly tested the constitution, culminating with the Patriot’s Act; but the country, the system, survived.
Using the Bush Patriot’s Act, President Obama is again putting the system to a test. The test is difficult, but my money is on the constitution, Barak Obama cannot, and will not, have significant long-term impact on the nations, its character, or the viability of its constitution.
The question: Is President Barak Hussein Obama testing the viability of the United States constitution, on purpose. Or was he, duped to believe that what is being done is done for the sake of national security?


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