Obama’s Cyber war, a positive in the wilderness!

8 Jun

Obama’s Cyber war, a positive in the wilderness!
Until very recently I viewed President Obama as inept, and unqualified to do the job; engaging the nation in the cyber world does show some level of leadership and good judgment.
Those who can do damage in the “digital domain” are not simply sitting idle waiting for the United States to act. The action to protect the country from cyber attacks must remain a top priority since it can be invisible and extremely harmful, kudos to President Obama.
There is a down side to the cyber war that President Obama launched, that facet of the effort deals with individual liberties, with individual freedoms.
Using, as did President George W. Bush before him, national security as an excuse to reduce America’s level of freedom is unacceptable, except for extreme cases. “By sacrificing freedom in favor of security, you lose both!”
The United States distinguishes itself in the world by the level of freedom it offer people who reside in it, let be prudent and maintain that character at all costs.”


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