Is Obama, an Ostrich, or “the Manchurian Candidate?”

27 May

Is President Obama an Ostric, or “the Manchurian Candidate?” How can our smart President not realize that the Nation is not safer today than it was before 9/11/2001?
President Obama is not naive, he certainly not dumb, why doe he not see that Islam is out to conquer the world, and is not a peaceful religion?
It is beyond my comprehension how an intelligent, smart, and well educated person like President Obama can believe that the nation is safer today than it has been at any time since before 9/11/2001. I travel the word a great deal, I read, and I have studied Islam and its goals, how can President Obama feel that we are safe.
Add to general world condition the bombing at the Boston marathon, the killing of a British soldier in broad daylight, the stabbing of a French soldier in Paris; how can we, the world, be considered safer?
I have been racking my brains to understand President Obama’s thinking. No rational adviser would suggest that we are safer. What is it that President Obama is thinking?
A very unpleasant thought entered my mind, one that deserves consideration.
President Obama spent his formative years in Islamic Indonesia, could have he been subjected to brainwashing suggesting the Muslims are moderates and that Americans owes then a debt? Could he be “the Manchurian Candidate,” with, or without, an electronic chip in his brain?
Since Obama’s infamous Cairo speech to the Islamic World at which time he apologized for America’s mistreatment of Islam, and essentially begged for acceptance, I had questions regarding his actual relations to Islam. I do take the President at his word that he is a Christian, but was he so strongly indoctrinated as a child to fear and revere Islam?

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