First amendment, the defining of America’s Character! Is the Aministration trampling on the nations soul?

20 May

Of the twenty-seven amendments to the United States constitution, the first amendment is the one defines the character of our nation! Trampling on the first amendment, as the Obama Administration via its Justice Department seems to be doing is not only reckless, it is irresponsible, and it is verges on being illegal.
The Obama Administration appears to interfere with the press by monitoring telephone loge, which mat includes confidential sources, as well as possible whistle blowers. These are tool that the media uses to carry out the responsibility assigned to it by the founding fathers in the first amendment.
The founding fathers in their wisdom elected to make the media a watchdog to inform the public about how its government was acting, and particularly report any anomalies. The Obama Administration seems to not only trample on first amendment provisions by checking phone records of the press, but to use the media to cover-up its questionable actions. A case in point was when Ambassador Susan Rice announced on television that the Benghazi fiasco was not a terrorist act, but rather misnamed it a “spontaneous act against a movie.”
The fact that President Obama does not have many positive accomplishments under his belt should deter the President from crossing the line of propriety. High unemployment and under employment, shaky international relation, and an unsafe world, worse than it has been since the cold-war are things to be concerned about, but none are as damaging as attacking the heart and soul of the nation, the United States Constitution
Trampling with the first amendment is attacking the soul of America; it represents reprehensible behavior that should not be tolerated.

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