How important is it for the US to impose its morality on others?

18 May

Afghanistan just rejected law to give women some rights, the “conservatives’ on its legislator sited conflict with Islam.
There are about one and a quarter billion Muslim in the world; it is time the United States learns that those who follow the Quran are not moderate Muslims. The United States seems to think that its culture, mores and religions it accepts as its moral compass, applies to all others.
“Political correctness,” may feel comfortable for most Americans, but it is not the correct way to deal with those who don not accept the “American way,” as the best way. Rather than to change other, the United States must find a way to co-exist, or it may find itself in numerous situations that would be quite unpleasant to deal with.
A major concern that American who determine foreign policy are unable to deal with has to do with the fact that other cultures and religions are often are in conflict with United States core beliefs.
The sad thing that so far United States policy is “selective.” In some Muslim nations where women and many other have no human, or civil rights, the US looks the other way because dealing with nations is “in the best interest,” of the United States; Saudi Arabia is a case in point.
In many ways Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State hurt United States relations with other nation. Her determination and goal of imposing US type women rights on others, is but one of those reasons. The question, at what expense is the US willing to impose its morality on others?


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