IRS; AP; Obama, a new Cheney? Pity the President…

16 May

For a time there was a sense of outrage, what happened to the promise held by this great orator, the “brightest of the bright” young man who captured the nation’s heart with his speech at the Democratic convention? Now it is pity, feeling sorry that the Creator gave our President many unique talents, but not one to be a leader.
Early on President Obama made mistakes, many due to lack of experience in world events, many due to poor advisors. As time moved on, however, the President’s mistakes started to become more serious, many due to his inability to lead, and to work with Congress. Poor staffers such as Hillary Clinton, and Eric Holder also contributed to the President’s four failing years.
In spite of four failing years as a President, because of poor Republican choices, and his racial roots, Obama was re-elected. As an independent I was hoping for a positive change. Hillary Clinton, who was responsible for many of the Administration mistakes, left, and the President sounded as if he was about to turn a new leaf.
While there are still forty million Americans either unemployed, or under employed. But, Obama kept campaigning. With one of the worse periods in US international relations since the cold war, Obama does not seem involved.
Regarding the Benghazi cover-up one should allow Hillary Clinton’s Mae Culpa to stand, after all it did happen on her watch.
Then: The IRS, and the AP situations:
It is clear the IRS issue was likely done by rogue operatives, but it was under Obama’s watch, and the “buck” does stop with him. Giving the President benefit of doubt, one can assume that no WH, or Democratic influences were involved.
The AP situation, much more severe, even though not done by the President, or members of the WH staff. The AP situation conflicts with the United States constitution, an alarming situation. President Obama’s efforts to suggest that interfering with freedom of the press, with the first amendment were justified based on national security consideration, puts President Obama in class with Dick Cheney, who was the worst Vice President in US contemporary history.

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