At what cost “political-correctness?” Muslims kill Muslims; but Muslims also kill infidels.

20 Apr

The Patriot’s Day Marathon killing in Boston is another message to those who keep saying that Islam is a peaceful religion: Islam is a violent religion, it does include members who are advocate of peace, but Islam is not a peaceful religion.
A great deal can be said about the subject, but this is not intended to be a scholarly presentation, this is just a quick overview of events in recent human history. Let me suggest that other prominent religions contributed to human turmoil, many people were killed in the name of Christianity, fortunately that phenomena appears to be of the past, Islam is of the present, and I hate to say, of the future.
Let me suggest that a great deal of Islamic rage has its roots in the Quran, but one must also include the fact that “the West,” for many years treated Muslims as inferior people, and that humiliation added to the rage!
Most terrorist attacks in the twenty and twenty-first centuries were perpetrated by, or in the name Islam; and Muslims are continuing to kill Muslim in impunity, as I am writing.
To those people who suggest, for example, that Middle East problems are due to the existence of Israel, to what Islamic nations continue to call Zionism, let me suggest that this is not the case. Israel at best was a diversion and allowed warring Islamic fractions to function under the adage: “My enemy’s enemy is my friend.” Just examine the situation in the Middle East, and present realities.
The Israeli Arab conflict of the last one hundred years there caused a lot of death and carnage, but as soon as the Muslim Arabs realized that Israel was not a sheep waiting to be slaughtered, they returned to killing one another. In the last two years for example, in Syria alone, more civilians were slaughtered than in the whole hundred-year Israeli Arab conflict, there are now twice as many Syrian refugees in the region, and the number is growing.
There are Muslims slaughtering Muslims in Mali, Egypt, the Sudan, and in many other places, Islam is not a peaceful religion, and we, in the United States must suspend some of their civil rights in order to “protect the many [even] at the expense of the few.

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