The vacuum: Palestinians without Fayyad = void; or, “the tail wagging the dog!”

14 Apr

The vacuum: Palestinians without Fayyad = a void!
The only competent operative within the Palestinian authority, Salaam Fayyad resigned, leaving Abba, the butcher of Munich to find a replacement.
In reality this a case of the tail leading the dog; nor Abbas, nor Fatah, have anything to do with managing the Palestinian Authority, Khalid Meshaal, and Hamas are in charge, and Fayyad resignation is another display of that relationship.
The Arabs, or Palestinians if you will, are seeing their cause of blaming Israel, and Zionism for all the problems in the Middle East fade away. Synced there are about twice as many Syrian refugees in the region than are Palestinians, and since there were about twice as many Arabs killed in Syria in the last two years than throughout the whole Israeli Palestinian conflict; the Palestinians are quickly seeing their claim to being thud victims, being dwarfed by many other Arab against Arab situations.
In order to keep the pot boiling and try to maintain their plight, Hamas must lead the Palestinian cause since it is vocal about its desire to destroy Israel, and Fayyad was muting that voice.
The Syrian, Egyptian conflicts have so much more world wide significance than that of the Palestinians, that a voice for peace such as Fayyad’s had to be eliminated; Palestinians are facing a hard future with Syrian refugees, and Egyptian turmoil essentially removing them from the world radar screen and they arte looking for ways to overcome that eventuality.
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