Russia versus the US; a Hillary expanded problem!

14 Apr

As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton caused a significant damage to United States global interests. How much of that should be attributed to President Obama, is hard to say. One can say, however, that there is enough blame to go around, and Hillary Clinton proved without a doubt that she should not be the one by the red-phone at 3:00AM.
Obama’s desire to “reset relations with Moscow,” may just be too little too late. In four years as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton damaged United States relations with many nations, many beyond repair. Mrs. Clinton legacy at State would be on of the worst ever in United States history. In addition to causing deteriorating relations with many nations, Russia being the tip of the iceberg, following by Poland, Israel, Egypt, and quite a number of others, Hillary Clinton completely botched up United States activities in the Middle East. From her leading from behind at Arab Springs, to her fiasco in Benghazi, followed by the lying (not an uncommon trait of Mrs. Clinton.)
The most recent situation with Russia, among other things suggests that they have not forgiven Mrs. Clinton inept dealing with them, and will no do so in the very near future.
The sad part has to do that this is happening at a time that the United States could use Russia’s help in those powder cakes that Hillary Clinton left simmering. Place liked North Korea, Iran, Syria, and Egypt are just a few area in which the US can use Russia’s help, let us hoped that cool heads will prevail, and Mrs. Clinton’s mishandling of US foreign policy will be put behind us sooner than later.

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