No Decorum in Obama’s White House:

6 Apr

Decorum, as is sensitivity to others, is missing from Obama’s White House.
With every passing day, Obama’s Presidency appears less, and less viable than should be expected. There are serious issues, such as the handling of North Korea, Iran, Syria, and Egypt; situations the President simply chooses to ignore. However, there are seemingly minor situation that speak to the character of Obama’s Administration.
The President willingness to sacrifice Social Security benefits was shameful, another example of Obama’s Callous Presidency. [Most] Seniors worked hard to earn their Social Security, and Medicare benefits, a President, any President, should not have the right to trample on those items that actually should belong to the seniors who earned them. The opportunist person that President Obama is, he now offers Social Security and Medicare as sacrificial lambs in order to get GOP support for his budget, what a callous move.
There is little or no doubt, that the Obama Presidency is a failing Presidency! More alarming is the fact that the President himself keeps degrading the office, and the image of the nation.
When President Obama, at a fundraiser calls a women Attorney General “the most beautiful,” he is not guilty of sexual harassment, he demonstrate a total disrespect for the office of the President, he displays a total lack of decorum, a word that seem to not exist within the Obama White House.

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