Obama’s callous Presidency!

5 Apr

There are many who complain about the fact that my posts are often critical of President Obama, and often they are indeed. The main reason is the letdown!
President Obama entered office promising to improve the country, to reduce its divisive nature, to take care of the poor, and to improved international relations, he failed in every one of these promises. Under Barak Obama Osama bin Laden was killed, Kudos to you Mr. President! However, what have you done since, or in addition that can be considered positive? Not much.
Flirting while campaigning is fine with me, but campaigning while the economy in such a mess, and so many people suffer, is not good form; govern, President Obama, and then you can campaign, but govern first.
President Obama has control the Senate, yet in nearly five years there is no budget. Record national debt, North Korea, Syria, Egypt, are the tip of an iceberg ready to crash down on humanity, and President Barak Hussein Obama is campaigning, where is the man’s sense of balance?
There are forty million Americans who either are suffering economically, unemployed, or under employed, and the President is fundraising and demonstrating how he has fun campaigning, while not much worried about those who suffer.
On the surface President Obama appears like a compassionate person, he even sheds tears when the occasion presents itself, but to be so happy, humorous, and detached from those in the country who actually suffer is callous; sadly, Barak Hussein Obama appears to be a callous human being who is wrapped around himself and with an ego that is larger than life.

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