North Korea: Hillary not Ready for “Red-phone!”

29 Mar

For sake of political correctness we hastily elected Barak Obama to be America’s first African-American President. President Obama was not ready for the job, President Obama made a mess out of the situation. Let us not make the same mistake of hasty moves and consider Hillary Clinton for the first woman Presidential candidate, Mrs Clinton does not have the skills required to do the job; she proves that with her performance as Secretary of State.
How many more nails are required to seal the coffin of Hillary Clinton’s Presidential ambition? The mess Secretary Clinton left the world in, a horrible condition that President Obama’s Administration will be remembered for, must not be ignored when Presidential candidates are selected.
As the United States chief foreign policy official, Hillary Clinton was responsible for international relations; during the 2008 Presidential election she claim that this was one of her strong suits; but now, what do we have now?
Secretary Clinton left office after her Benghazi fiasco, responsible for deterioration relations with, China, Russia, Poland, Israel, Egypt, and many other nations. Hillary Clinton left the world much less safe a place than it was when she took office.
North Korea with its real nuclear threat, a terribly unstable Syria with its chemical weapons and delivery systems that can reach 260,000 US troops in the Gulf, as well as many others in the region, Iran which is very near to acquiring nuclear weapons, Egypt ready to explode, and the list goes on.
To those many who wish for Hillary Clinton to be America’s first woman Presidential candidate, just look at her record at State and ask yourself, “is she the person I want by the red-phone at 3:00AM? The obvious answer is NO!”

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