Obama Supporting Palestinian state akin to Arab Springs

24 Mar

Obama supporting Palestinian state akin to Arab Springs
It is time to “call a spade a spade,” Mideast problems are inter-Islam issues, “Zionism,” was a short-lived diversion allowing Muslims a hiatus from fighting each other.
Face it, Muslims fight and kill Muslims, Zionism was an attempt at “my enemy’s enemy is my friend,” but to Islam’s chagrin, the Zionist did not just lie down and play dead.
Secretary Kerry visit to Iraq where Iraqis are killing Iraqis, was a first hand view that Iraq is a conduit between Iran and Syria, and an active part of the inter-Islam fight with no concern for US interests. Egypt is in a mess, the Islamic Brotherhood is taking control.
Assad in Syria slaughtered more Syrians than all the Muslims killed during the total Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Syria already dumped on the region about twice as many refugees as are the total Palestinian refugees, with growing numbers.
Palestinians don’t want peace with Israel, the Quran does not encourage dealing with Jews, it says that Jews are of “swine and monkeys,” that is what Palestinians kids are taught in school. Palestinians want the whole area to themselves so that the traditional Muslim against Muslim fight can continue unabated.
President Obama suggestion to the Palestinians that he is supportive of a Palestinian State, is an error of a larger magnitude than was his mistake of “leading [Arab Springs] from behind.” In both cases the American President thought that he is helping democratic movements, while in both cases, he simply shoring up Islamic radicalism.

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