Inter-Islam conflict to diminish future for Palestinian State:

24 Mar

Inter-Muslim issues to overshadow and eliminate considerations for a Palestinian state:
After the hiatus of using “Zionism,” as a common enemy, the one in “our enemies enemy is our friend,” Muslims are returning to the state of Muslims fight Muslims, and Arabs kill Arabs.
When looking at the bigger picture one can see that in the last two years over 1,000,000 new refugees, nearly twice as many as the Palestinians, entered rhea region, and the number from Syria, is growing. More Muslims were killed by Muslims in Syria than in all the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
The Middle East is changing, Muslims kill Muslims, after a short hiatus to use “Zionism: as a common enemy, but returned to killing one another (Egypt, Somalia. Mali, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and on and on…)
Muslim issues are going to dwarf the Palestinian issue, so much that the likelihood of a Palestinian state is essentially diminished, Palestinians will simply be absorbed by Jordan and Egypt; too many “larger fish to fry…”

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