Israel and Obama’s hypocracy!

22 Mar

After flirting, and kibitzing with Netanyahu, and after calling Israel America’s “best friend,” President Obama went to visit the Palestinian Authority. While visiting Netanyahu, rockets aimed at Israeli civilians came from Gaza, a part of “Palestine.”
While in Jerusalem befriending the Israelis, and demonstrating a de-facto recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, President Obama did not mention that the United States has a public law requiring that its embassy be moved to Jerusalem. Was that an oversight, or was that one of Obama’s means for circumventing hard issues that must be addressed?
To Mahmud Abbas President Obama offered his full support for the creation of a Palestinian state. No mention was made of the fact, that as things stand, a state would be one that is on record as planning to destroy Israel, America’s “best friend.”
The rockets from Gaza, while President was on a State visit to Israel, was a clear display that Abbas does not control all the “Palestine,” that the United Nations voted as an observer state. At best, Abbas may control the West Bank, a barren landlocked territory that cannot be a viable economic entity without Gaza, and without cooperation from Israel.
All that notwithstanding, both Palestinian fractions, Hamas and Fatah, are on record as vowing to destroy Israel Neither fraction formally recognizes Israel’s right to exist; how can President Obama support statehood for someone who is on record as ready to eliminate a sovereign state, an American ally, and member in good standing of the UN?

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