There are no Palestinians, just “West Bankians,” anf “Gazaians:”

21 Mar

The United Nations accepted “Palestine” as an observer state, a combined entity of Gaza and the West Bank (WB.) Gaza is ruled by the democratically elected Hamas, rockets we lobbed at Israeli civilians from that territory while President Obama was on a State visit to Israel. Since Gaza according to the “Palestinians,” and the United Nations, is a part of “Palestine,” should President Obama reprimand Mahmud Abbas for the rocket attack?
Since Abbas does not control Gaza, which means that there is no single entity called “Palestine,” one must realize that President Obama is not visiting the “Palestinians,” but that in reality he is visiting the “West-Bankians…”
Abbas and his people claim that Israeli settlements are holding back peace talks, that is a “red herring!” What is holding up peace talks is the fact that major “Palestinian” fractions, Fatah (in the Arabic language,) and Hamas have clauses in their carter calling for the destruction of Israel. Until those clauses are removed, Israel should not negotiate with any “Palestinians,” and President Obama should make that point, in public.

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