The Palestine Charade must end!

21 Mar

The Palestine Charade must end!
There may be some Arab Palestinians who want peace, the couple of million who are represented by Hamas in Gaza, do not seem to fit that mold. A Palestine without Gaza, one made entirely of the West Bank, could not survive as a viable sovereign state. Unless the Hamas ruled Gaza agree to accept Israel sovereignty, and to remove all calls for Israel’s destruction from its documents (be they in the original Arabic versions, and/or translations,) there should not be an {Arab] Palestine!
In view of the rocket attack from Gaza during President Obama’s visit to Israel, should President ask Abbas if this not a good time to call off the charade called Palestine?
It is clear that the Palestinian Authority does not control Gaza. More important is the fact that Gaza is governed by the democratically elected Hamas which vows to destroy Israel. Without Gaza, the West Bank, a barren piece of landlocked territory, with little if any natural resources, is “Palestine.”.
When the United Nations to allow “Palestine” it to be called a state, it did so including Gaza. Hamas controls Gaza but doesn’t recognize Israel’s right to exist. This silly “catch 22” situation must end, Israel must refuse to negotiate with the Palestinians until all factions recognize its sovereignty, and remove any items from their charters calling for its destruction.
The latest rocket attack, an “in your face” President Obama message, should be enough to get President Obama to have a frank discussion with Abbas and insist the Charade called Palestine must end. Either get all fraction of the Palestinians to formally recognize Israel and remove all belligerency clauses from their documents, or forget a “two state solution,” consider the West bank a part of Jordan, and Gaza a part of Egypt.
Until the recognition of Israel by all Palestinians, and the removal of all belligerency clauses are accomplished, America should terminate all aid to the Palestinians, and stop attempting to help push a peace process forward.


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