“Flexible Conservatism,” the key to GOP future: Neither conservative, nor liberal is always right!

19 Mar

Neither conservative, nor liberal is bad, they are not in as much of a conflict as many politicians would make us believe that they are!
By allowing blindly conservtive voices represent it, the Republican Party is danger of becoming even more irrelevant than it is. “Flexible conservatism,” may be the route for the GOP to follow in the future.
If being a conservative means wishing to conserve a given way of life, and the associated cultural elements, one could not find much fault in the concept, however, if one stretches it to mean that it is anti change, anti progress, then one may be wise to question the notion. The same thing is true about liberal, even progressive; making changes for the sake of changing is something of concern.
Rush Limbaugh, and some of the vocal anger and hatred merchants of the conservative movement are not trying to maintain the country’s value’s, they are scaring people by trying to suggesting, and to impose the view that being progressive, or being liberal is contrary to the American-way. Having that, as a broad “blanket” view is simply wrong, some change is fine, some change is even necessary!
When the conservative part of the Republican Party allows the likes of, Limbaugh, Palin, Coulter, Ryan, Beck, and Ingham speak on its behalf, they energize a number of blind followers of the “no-change” mentality, but they alienate well over half of the American public, and I mean alienate, not just upset.
If the GOP wishes to remain relevant, it must show that it understands that some change is good, as is exclusivity; the “Limbaugh-type” voices should be muted.


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