Obama’s Israel trip could be monumental! Jerusalem and sovereignty cannot be ignored:

16 Mar

Obama’s Israel trip could be monumental! Jerusalem and sovereignty cannot be ignored:
After four years of failing foreign policy, President Obama has an opportunity to mend some fences, and get his second term to demonstrate some credibility.
President Obama’s relations with Israel appear on the frigid side, in reality President Obama supplied Israel more needed weaponry than any other United States President, the Iron Dome, a significant joint effort that should also benefit the United States.
Some of the interactions with Benyamin Netanyahu were not as politically satisfying, I am sure that the two men will work on that.
There are a number of areas that President Obama and Benyamin Netanyahu must address for Obama’s trip to be a success. In spite of a failing foreign policy to date, a good Israeli trip may turn the corner for the American President.
The first issues the two men must discuss are their common foes, and common strategy that must be adopted. The most visible one, of course, is Iran. This subject has been discussed, repeatedly; no need to repeat what is well know.
The second in the foe area is Syria. Syria represents a significant danger to Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan. The Syrian threat is both direct with its large chemical and delivery systems to reach US troops in the Gulf, Mediterranean, and Turkey. With an unstable Assad at the helm, and with al Qaeda infiltrating the rebels, a joint Syria strategy is necessary.
Egypt with Morsi becoming a religious autocrat and under the Islamic Brotherhood he could represent a threat to regional stability by terminating peace agreements with Israel. The United States had large financial leverage there; its use should be reviewed.
President Obama may well a sour foreign policy from lemons to lemonades should he be able to make reasonable strides towards stabilizing the region while in the area. In addition to dealing with foes like Iran, Syria, and perhaps Egypt, the President needs to address a number of other critical issues.
In spite of political pressure, without getting involved in the rights and wrongs of the issue, President Obama must tell Benyamin Netanyahu that the Jonathan Pollard issue is off the table, since the present meetings must deal with broader issues of national interest.
It is important for *resident Obama to announce that he is now complying with the Congressional that puts America’s Embassy in Jerusalem. President Obama must due so, and make a time-certain commitment to such decision.
Finally, President Obama must inform the Palestinians and their allies that he cannot, will not encourage Israel to continue peace talks unless The Palestinians, including Hamas, recognize Israel’s right to exist. He must insist that all mention an objective of destroying Israel in their charters, be they in English for world consumption, or in the Arabic version.
The aforementioned items may be challenging, but they are within President Obama’s abilities to perform. Should he be able to succeed it way help erase some of the foreign policy blunders that he and Secretary Clinton pulled during the last four years.


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