Is lobbying and the common-good an oxymoron?

7 Mar

Lobbying and fairness is it an oxymoron?
The good of the many should override the good of the individual, but what if the conflict is significant?
“It’s a free country,” but does that mean that restricting competition should always be forbidden, or should it be encouraged if it enhances the “good of the nation?”
Restricting retired Members of Congress to take advantage of their work in the legislator would not be the American way, but it makes one wonder if the country would not be better off if some restrictions applied.
Year ago, when I worked in the “Military Industrial Complex,” hiring of retired senior offices was a commonplace practice, quite an effective way to deal with military contracts. However, why should a company that hires an ex-General have advantage over one that does not? Why should a company that hires an ex Member of Congress be in a stronger position to deal with the legislators than one that does not?
Gut feel suggests that such hiring should be forbidden, but what makes America great that it is a relatively free country open to mostly unrestricted competition.
On the other side of the coin, when the likes of John Kyl joins a lobbying company that represent many companies whose tax breaks are going to be highly scrutinized in the coming months, the issue of what amounts to buying and selling government influence comes into question.
In an ideal world, the practice would be fine since Members of Congress, or military brass would always make decisions based on their merit. But, in the real world, she a close look given to the peddling of influence by ex high-level government officials?


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