Obama: The callous Presidency!

25 Feb

Obama: Where is the compassion? Where is the “simpatico” to the downtrodden? The callous Presidency!

When the young American President first appeared on the national scene, his oratory skills, charisma, compassion, and ability to change the system, set the man apart from all other politicians. President Obama came across as an agent for change, after George W. Bush a very welcomed opportunity.
Four years into his Presidency, and counting, the compassion seems to be missing, the Obama Administration is looking more and more as that of George W. Bush, and President Obama seems to have forsaken the downtrodden in favor of hobnobbing with the very rich.

Recent events are indication that President Obama is either not the man we thought he was, or that he has very callous handlers to whom he listens.

In the face of forty million unemployed, or under employed Americans, President Obama seems to be dealing with other agenda items rather than just employment, and national defense. Not only does he do that, he flaunts wealth and unreasonable taxpayers’ spending in front of these numerous people who cannot even make ends meet. What is President Obama thinking?
Let us deal with just very few, but disturbing examples.
Classifying people who make between $150K and $450K as middle class and giving them tax breaks
Going on a very expensive golfing vacation, with air-force planes, at great expense had to ensure his safety
Having Michelle Obama attend the Oscars at a tremendous expense to the tax payers.
There are many more, but the point, how callous, or unfeeling, or naïve can the President be flaunting all this untold wealth when so many American cannot even feed their families?

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