Hillary’s legacy: A powder-cake ready to explode!

20 Feb

The collaboration between Hillary Clinton, and Barak Obama was a case of “strange bedfellows,” if there ever were one!
During the 2008 primaries Hillary Clinton asked if President Obama is ready to be by the red-phone when it rang early in the morning.
On September 11, 2012 Mrs. Clinton’s question was answered with a resounding: NO! As sad as this may sound, the Benghazi event made it quite clear that neither President Obama, nor Secretary Clinton was up tp getting that call.
It was fortunate that the Benghazi fiasco was a small localized event, it did cost four American lives, but it could have been much worse.
As Mrs. Clinton was leaving office, North Korea detonated another nuclear device and suggested that it poised to destroy South Korea if it it deemed it the right thing to do.
ayatollah Ali Khamenei repeated that Iran will not hold discussions with the United States, and Morse is strengthening his position as a religious supreme leader (dictator?)of Egypt.
One of the worse foreign policy periods in contemporary culminating with the terrible situation in Benghazi!

Declining relations with: Poland, China, Russia, Israel, North Korea, and Iran to name some.
The “leading g from Behind Arab Springs mistaking it for a move towards democratization, while it was always a move towards expanding Sharia law.
Declining women rights, Hillary’s “crown Jewel” through the spread of Sharia law
Syria is burning while Hillary Clinton’s policy was to stand by while 60,000 Syrian civilians were slaughtered and:
The very unstable Assad, a client of Iran has control of:
Over fifty metric tons of Uranium
The largest arsenal of chemical weapons in the world
Delivery systems for the chemical weapons the can reach:
260,000 US troops on the Gulf
The Mediterranean with numerous US ships and personnel
US oil supplies from the whole region

This great patriotic collaboration between Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama resulted in a horrible international situation; would the country been better off if someone other than Hillary headed states since the 2008 election? The answer is a very simple: YES!

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