Assad’s WMDs, Iran’s nukes, Gun-control: The US role?

12 Feb

At a time when gun-control occupies the hearts and minds of many Americans, at a time when the NRA main battle cry is: “It is not guns that kill people, it is people who kill people,” one must reflect on that logic.
Hundreds of thousands of United States troops are within range of Bashar Assad’s WMDs and would be within Iran nukes range within a year, can the United States wait? Since the United Nations cannot, and will not do the job, what are options available to the US?
Guns are tools meant primarily for killing. They are designed to kill innocent people, they are designed to kill enemies, animals for food (where that applies,) and to some degree for sport. In the hands of the “right” people guns are good, in the hands of “bad” people they are bad. Guns are also bad, sometimes very bad in the hand of mentally unstable people who tend to misuse them, for one reason, or another.
By nearly any and all standards Bashar Assad is not mentally stable. The Syrian dictator has in his position the largest arsenal of chemical weapons, and delivery systems to carry said weapons a long ways. Within Assad’s reach are 260,000 US troops on the Gulf, Israel, US and other ships on the Mediterranean, and other US allies.
In the United States we worry about keeping guns away from the mentally ill, how about those rogue entities such as Syria, North Korea, and Iran? Should the Unites States just stand by until one of those unstable entities unleashes an event that could become global catastrophe?
It is time for the United States to realize that WMD are there, that the United Nations would not control them, and want to or not, the US is the policeman of the world and must take action. In the case of Syria and Iran, time is running short!

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