Syria will dwarf Benghazi in Hillary’s legacy

2 Feb

Israel just demolished a convoy of state-of-the-art weapons moving from Damascus to Lebanon.
Iran and Syria warn retaliation.
Among the numerous failing efforts by Secretary Of State Clinton, Syria is likely to be the “crown-jewel;” it is so frightening.
While the UN is concerned about violation of sovereignty, what and whose sovereignty are they speaking of? Since many nations, including the US, do not recognize Assad’s regime as the sovereign in Syria, what is the real Syria?
Bashar Assad by now slaughtered about 60,000 civilians, surpassing his father’s 40,000; has he now proven a “suitable” replacement for his father?
Does Hillary Clinton’s policy of hands off in Syria, a country with the largest chemical weapons arsenal in the world, make sense?
Syria is also a country that posses over fifty metric tons of Uranium, it is a client of Iran, supported by Russia, and with delivery (missiles and planes) capability to reach 260,000 American troops on the Gulf, plus those and the Mediterranean.
Benghazi was Secretary Clinton’s Achilles-heel, a visible failure, but Syria is a powder-cake ready to explode, an issue the lady from Arkansas left for John Kerry to tackle.
Will a desperate Assad will chose to go out in blazing glory, use his WMDs to attack Israel and American troops in the region? Will Iran, in order to divert attention from its nuclear efforts, join, or at least, any Assad effort to add to the regional chaos?
Of all those items that make up Hillary Clinton’s horrible legacy at the State Department, Syria may yet prove to be the worse, the most dangerous to global stability.

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