A $90 billion immigration bill?

1 Feb

Can US economy absorb $90 billion immigration bill?

It is callous, it is un-American, it is contrary to the Judeo/Christian culture, but it is the reality of life: Could the welfare of people be dependent on economic considerations?
There are eleven million illegal immigrants in the United States, the least expensive means to deal with the problem would include registration which will require that they receive minimum wage, and benefits.
What would such action cost? In a most simplistic manner let us put numbers together:
$4 x 11,000,000 = $44,000,000.00 per hour
$44,000,000.00 x 40 = $176,000,000.00 per week
$176,000,000.00 x 50 = $88,000,000,000.00 per year, plus benefits

Can an economy with near 8% unemployment (some 30 to 40,000,000 people either un, or under employed) absorb such an additional cost?

I am for taking care of those immigrants who are living within the law and who are supporting the country, but can the United States with its enormous debt afford to take on such a problem without dealing with the critical day-to-day problems of the country?

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