“Never-Again,” and the Quran, an Oxymoron.

28 Jan

“Never-Again,” and the Quran, an Oxymoron.
Lest we forget, perpetual anti-Semitism: The Quran and…
Today is the United Nations declared Holocaust Remembrance Day!
“Never-again,” is the motto, but is never-again a reality?
Never-again should not only apply to Jews, in spite of the fact that, throughout history Jews have been the most persecuted people.
Ethnic cleansing is a human phenomenon that should be avoided, but will it be?
What is happening in Syria today when a dictator is slaughtering civilians is not something that civil society= should tolerate, but the world is standing by. In his Joint interview with Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama simply stated that the US has too many commitments to bother about Syria. The Nobel Peace Prize winner can sit on the sidelines while over 60,000 have already been killed in Syria, while millions fled their home. The rest of the world is standing by because it has too much else on its plate.
There are civilians being slaughtered in Egypt, the Sudan, and Libya; the world is standing by. Never-again?
Syrians and Turks alike, the world is standing by are slaughtering Kurds. Never-again?
History seemed to have selected ethnic groups to label victims:
Romas (Gypsies)
Will there ever be an end of persecution of members of these groups? Or, are they destined to perpetual discrimination, hurt, and misery?
Let me return to today’s day of Holocaust remembrance and its most critical element: Anti-Semitism; can one expect that: “Never-again,” will apply here?
Egypt’s new democratically elected President Muhammad Morsi, just re-enforced the creed by which his regime would conduct itself, it would by Quranic law, and from Sura 5.60, it would not deal with, nor accept that the “descendents of apes and swines” can have any right. Said descendents are The JEWS!
There are between one, a quarter, one, and four tenth Muslims in the world. Muslims accept their Quran as basis for their beliefs, but also as an instruction of how to live your life (din,) and consequently, Muslims MUST be anti-Semites in compliance with the Gospel as given by Allah through Muhammad, the prophet.
The Quran, according the Quran, and Islam, is Allah’s last word to the human race, Muhammad his last emissary; its word is final and must be adhered to in order to remain a Muslim.
The Quran is an anti-Semitic guide to Islamic life. One and a quarter billion people live by its teachings. Islamic Arab nations and other entities are on record as intending to destroy Israel, and the Jewish people in order to comply with Quranic teaching.
Can Israel with its five million people survive the onslaught of nearly a billion Muslims?
Could Islam be the follow-up to Hitler’s effort?
Are Allah’s demand for Islamic world domination feasible? Would his word be the literal demise of the Jewish people; or, would: Never-again apply?

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