Obama elected by the poor yet serving the rich. Or, America’s nuevo middle class!

2 Jan

America’s Robin Hood in reverse, President Barak Hussein Obama, he was elected by the “have-nots, yet he is serving the “haves!”

Rather than to go to the mountain, Muhammad brought the mountain to him…Or, moving the goal-posts so that he can win.
Rather than to take care of the middle class, President Obama capitulated, as always, and redefine the middle class to include 5% of the population; what a stroke of genius.
The American economic pyramid now looks like this:
Rich (1-2% of the population): $450,000.00 and more with estates above $5,000,000.00
Upper middle class (5%): $150,000.00 and estates $1,000,000.00 to $5,000,000.00
Middle class (24%): $100,000.00 to $150K with estates under $1,000,000.00
Lower middle class $ 50,000.00 (US midian) to $100,000.00 “small” estate
Finally, $25,000.00 to $50,000.00 income earners are poor, below $25,000.00 earners are improvised, or at poverty levels.
This new Obama economy is indeed interesting since he was voted in as a populist, a President who would fight for the middle class. Since the large majority of the US population makes between $25K and $100K, why tax breaks to those “quite rich” who earn $100K to $450K? Alternatively, even, $150,000.00 to 450,000.00?
President Obama caved in, capitulated, if you will, or he is paying the numerous rich contributors (directly, or through packs,) and never put the interests of the real middle class at the head of his agenda.
Whatever the reason, the new “cliff breaker” is tax break for the rich, leaving the middle class to carry the burden.


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