The Politically-Schizophrenic Obama v. “The Fiscal-Cliff:”

28 Dec

President Barak Hussein Obama of the United States is a charismatic, and a smart politician with extraordinary oratory skills. In spite of his skills, Obama is a mediocre communicator, and a poor leader.
It seems to come easy for President Obama to deal with supporters, but the young American President seems to have a very difficult time when functioning in a hostile environment. President Obama is Politically-Schizophrenic, he often capitulates on important issues at the expense of pragmatic consideration. What can we expect from the most recent “fiscal cliff” negotiations?
Will the real Obama stand up!
President Obama, a capitulator extraordinaire, is also a consummate politician; the two are now on a collision course, how will it turn out!
As the nations, Capitulator in Chief (C.i.C.) President Obama cannot let the fiscal cliff to actually take placed, if that happens too much of his political base could suffer.
As the consummate politician, President Obama’s base would lose faith in the President if he capitulates on raising taxes on the rich.
What to do? What will our [politically] schizophrenic President do?
Since President Obama is known for his ideology over his pragmatism, one may guess that the President would
However, letting the “cliff” occur, his fundamental base, America’s minorities would be the one to suffer and feel the consequences more than anyone else.
The sticking point in this whole confrontation, is one that has the least impact on the real economy, it is: The “millionaire,” tax, or taxes on the rich.
This is where politics become the driving force behind America’s fledgling democracy, this is where the very young (in historical terms) Representative (or, Jeffersonian) Democracy is put to the test. Will the “good of the people,” outweigh political consideration? Would long-term viability overcome petty short-term political consideration?
With a stroke of the pen President Obama can avoid the cliff, but so can the Republican Congress. The sad part is that the singular most contentious item has the least to do with the actual economic recover the is being attempted, it is “taxes on the rich!”
To both parties the taxes von the rich is a symbol of political philosophy. The amount of money in question would not put a dent in the national debt, neither would it deprive the wealthy of their fortunes, but it symbolizes the two parties’ views of the world, views that may damage the United States democracy beyond repair.

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