“Selective” firearms licensing, versus banning; a way to 2nd amendment compliance:

19 Dec

Selective firearms licensing versus banning; a way to 2nd amendment compliance
Militia, weapons, and the second amendment: The case for licensing [some] arms, versus confiscation
The Swiss, and Israelis have very small standing armed forces, they count on militia, or reserve, if you wish, for protection. Member of the militia are in control and possession at all times.
Members of artillery units do not take cannons home, neither those who drive tanks, or operate large machine-guns, bring their weapons home; the process is control by the practicality of situations on hand.
When the second amendment was written, why did it speak of “well organized milia,” at the same time it spoke of the right of citizens to bear arms? To rational people the two are connected, the right to bear arms by citizens who are a part of the nations organized militias was protected, not just for “the man in the street.
However, let us assume that those who feel that the second amendment applies to all law abiding citizens, the term “arms” must be reviewed. Did that apply to arms available at the time, or was it to include all arms available in the future? Those who wish for guns as means for self defend would argue that by limiting guns to those available in the past would only put them at a disadvantage since the ones who the wish to defend themselves against would have the advantage of advanced weaponry.
Since there are millions guns in hands of American now, confiscation, even only assault weapons, or large capacity magazine would be impossible. An attempt to do so would create such outcry, perhaps even a revolution, that the country could not survive. What is the alternative, one may ask? Licensing is the obvious answer.
One can ban future sales of assault rifles, and high-capacity magazines, but require licenses for present owners of such weapons. Caught with such devices without a license should be subject to severe penalties.
One need to prove that one can drive, and that one can see, before one can acquire a driver’s license. To own a gun one would be required proficiency, to be clear of criminal, or mental record, and to understand the safe use of the gun one wishes to own.
Provisions for those who already own guns, such as pistols, hunting rifles, and the likes, to not require licenses, owners of assault rifles would be required to acquire a license.
The gun issue is a serious issue and must be handled with care. Selective licensing, and “management” of ownership may be the answer, banning and confiscation would unravel such a mess that it could destroy the Republic, or at least cause such a change in its nature that it would not be anything like the country that we now have.

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