The Connecticut carnage: An issue of “national morality,” not gun control!

15 Dec

The Connecticut carnage: An issue of “national morality,” not gun control!
What does the Connecticut shooting say about the United States? What does it say to Americans, what does it say to the rest of the world?
Based on the most recent Presidential election one can assume that about 47% of Americans, perhaps more, since out of the 95% of African-Americans, and a significant number of the 70% of Latinos, also believe in the “traditional” G-d. Actual numbers still suggest that more than half of Americans believed in the “traditional G-d,” one must ask, how is that belief reconcilable with the carnage in Connecticut, with the killing of nearly thirty innocent people?
In the last two years, Bashar Assad of Syria slaughtered some 40,000 civilians, including many children, the man caused the slaughter in order to maintain power, and the world, until very recent days , allow him to continue; why?
How can we show outrage at twenty-seven American civilians killed, and ignore 40,000 Syrians? The answer is simply! We, our Government, are responsible to the wellbeing and safety of our own people, and we are bound to do so within the Judeo/Christian tradition that our country is built upon; we are not responsible, although must be concerned about, inhumane, and barbaric acts by rogue sovereigns around the world.
From time to time, I would allow myself to think that Mike Huckabee is a rational person, and then he destroys that vision. Neither G-d, nor religion has anything with an unstable individual’s irrational or even violent acts. If there is a G-d, and if G-d is the Creator of the human race, the fault for having violence would be strictly the responsibility of said G-d.
The recent shooting does bring to question “national morality,” if there is such thing. The “nation” is not a homogeneous entity, it is made up of individuals with different make-ups, views, and sense of morality. Short of Government imposed control of what individual should be allowed, and what individual should not be allowed “on the street,” one must count on morality to be taught at home, in schools, and by “the country.”
Gun control is not the answer! Adam Lanza’s guns were acquired legally, yet this most gruesome act followed.
In part, Government morality, and assumption of responsibility, may help improve the situation. Yesterday there was talk of releasing a very damning report on “torture,” by the Government. When it is released, based on what is now known, the people responsible, regardless of how high in Government they may be, should be punished. Government should demonstrate that in these United States immoral acts are not tolerated, schools and homes should follow; such behavior may help, let us all hope!
The aftermath of the shooting in Connecticut should not be silence! The United States of America should use the opportunity to bring to the forefront the need for supporting moral behavior, be it here, or anyplace on the Globe! We must assume responsibility for our actions, demonstrate resolve to live a moral life, and do our best to make all others to do the same.

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