Palestinians: “Virtual-victims,” through effective propaganda!

13 Dec

Palestinians: “Virtual-victims,” through effective propaganda!
In the year nineteen thousand and forty eight (1948,) Five formidable Arab armies vowed to destroy the newly established State of Israel. Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan Syria, and Iraq which does not even have a common border with Israel, informed Arab inhabitants of the territory of their intent to destroy Israel, to “drive the Jews into the sea,” and that those Arabs living in the are must leave, only to be able to return in a short few days to reclaim what their’s plus the much better cultivated Jewish land. The attacking Arab armies also had help, in money, weaponry, and volunteers from Libya, and the Gulf States.
Representing many hundreds of millions of people, the Arab nations were defeated by the tiny, just established State of Israel, a country with a Jewish population of just about one million people. The Jews who fought for their country were ill equipped, outnumbered, and poorly trained; many were just newly arrived refugees from Europe, many from the Soviet Union. The Israel Defense Force (IDF,) now known around the world as an elite military entity was a disgrace by all military yardsticks that one may wish to apply, but it soundly defeated the highly trained and well-equipped Arab armies.
The loss of its attempt to uproot the Jewish State marked the beginning of present day “Palestinian” refugee problem, a problem, that through effective Arab propaganda, “the world” learned to blame on Israel, while in reality it was created by the Arab nations of the region.
One can discuss the following attempts by Arab nations to destroy Israel, numerous terrorist attacks by Arabs against the State of Israel, but all these are generally known facts.
The issue of Arab refugees is multi-faceted; the Arab nations who created the problem, in spite of being oil-rich are not willing to absorb refugees into their societies. In addition, many of those who left the land are still clinging to the hope that they can get it back, as the Arab leadership has been promising them for many years.
Those Arabs who elected to remain in Israel, in large part are will accepted and have a high quality of life, higher in general than that of many Israelis. There are Arabs in Tel-Aviv/Jaffa, Akko/Haifa, Jerusalem, and numerous Arab villages across the land where one can witness affluence, beautiful mosques, and a very satisfied population.
Moving on to Gaza. The world press would make one believe that Gaza is an overpopulated refugee camp; it is not. Gaza is a booming sea side city with a population density less than any major US city, smaller than that of Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, or Haifa in Israel…The “victims,” in Gaza, if there are any, are those peopled that Hamas, the governing body of Gaza, often uses as human shields. Short of Hamas mission to de4stroy Israel that causes retaliation from Israel, from time to time, people in Gaza are privileged to live in a beautiful seaside city with all the amenities the world has to offer. No, the people of Gaza are not VICTIMS of Israel, they are a part of a thriving community, but one that elected a terrorist group as it leaders, and from time to time must pay the penalty for that choice,
Unlike any other time in history, the Jewish State returned land it captured in defending itself in order to acquire peace. Israel, for example, returned the oil-rich Sinai to Egypt, for years it lived by the motto: “Land for peace,” but that did not detract its enemies, most Islamic nations of the world, who are still determined to destroy it, Fatah (which is, indeed, the Palestinian Authority, now “Palestine,”) Hamas (another part of “Palestine,”) and Hezbollah all have provision in their charters calling for the destruction of Israel; who is the victim here?
When I sit here in the apartment that we have in Tel-Aviv and look at the beautiful, well kept, and always well-attended mosque and the park that borders the mosque, and see the numerous well kept Arab families, I do not see victims. There are numerous well-dressed Arab families at the park as walking on the promenade by the sea, I have not witnessed any old, or poorly maintained cars driven by the Arab families around us. The Arabs at the shuk seem to buy everything in sight, no signs of depravation; where are the “Victims?”
A few weeks ago, the sirens sounded in Tel-Aviv/Yaffo, at that time, and only at that time, the Arab residents were as much victims as were the Jews residing in the area. At that time, thanks the Creator, we were all only victims of fear due to Israeli/American “iron-dome,” not of the actual destruction the Iranian missiles could have caused if not stopped in their tracks.
Relentless propaganda continues to paint “the “Palestinians” as VICTIMS, they are not. If anything, the ”Palestinians,” and their allies would like to make all Israelis, all Jews, for that matter, into victims, they all, collectively are on record as wishing to destroy Israel, and many would like the Jewish people disappear from the face of the earth! .

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