Arabs to regret a “Palestine!” Or: Did the UN act irresponsibly on the Palestine issue?

30 Nov

It will not likely take long for the Arab states in the Middle East to realize that declaring “Palestine” a state was not only pre-mature, but unwise.

Since Abbas has no control of the whole area now referred as “Palestine'” how can one expect a responsible governance of the territory? November 29, 2012 will be remembered as the day a United Nations aberration called Palestine was formally created.

There are many reasons why the situation will now be extremely unstable: Abbas not controlling the whole “Palestine,”  on paper declaring Jerusalem as its capital, a totally unrealistic statement, or wish by the Palestinians, and the inability of the new state to be economically self-sufficient, are but some of the more obvious issues.

It was a sad day, for the United Nations, and for the Arab people, it is a day that may forever live in infamy!

From now on Abbas and the Palestinian Authority are not going to be able to hide being a shield that until now allowed them to blame any atrocities by “Palestinians” against the Israeli people, on “rogue elements.” From now on the PA is responsible for what “its” people do!

Any missiles by Hamas, even though they are supplied and directed by Iran, would be an “act of war” by the New “Palestine,” any civilians killed by said rockets would be acts against humanity subject to actions by the International Court of Justice.

No more “get a free move” card, all hostile actions against Israel would from now own be answerable by the PA; the PA is now a sovereign who must play by the rules, or be punished! 

A Palestinian state declaration by the United Nations was tantamount to having a baby born pre-maturely, very pre-maturely, perhaps too early to survive even with a great deal of outside help. The hope is, that if the new “Palestine,” fails to survive, Jordan can annex the West Bank, and Egypt, when it settles it political situation, will annex Gaza; as the alignment of the area should have been from the start.


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