An Iran surrogate Hamas must be eliminated; Gaza annexed to Egypt!

25 Nov

Since Hamas insists on continuing to build its arsenal, notwithstanding any cease-fire agreements with Israel, Israel must act upon the smallest provocation, it must do so with goal to eliminate this terrorist organization, before the roles are reversed. Being a surrogate of Iran, the long-term danger to Israel could be of enormous proportions.

If Netanyahu is half the man I think he is, the next provocation, if, or rather when, there is one, by Hamas, would bring about the use of “overwhelming force,” the total elimination of Hamas as a viable entity, and the removal of weapons from Gaza.

Hamas is a client of Iran; it has its headquarters in Assad’s Syria, another client of Iran who is also under the wings of Russia. Attacks by Hamas have very many causes, not the least is diversions from the Syria revolt and from Iran’s nuclear developments. Israel becomes a pawn in this geo-political struggle for controlling the Middle East. Israel must look after its own interests, especially that the United States, under Barak Obama, does not seem to have the wherewithal to do the job.

In the case of Gaza and Hamas, should Egypt ever settle down politically, it should annex Gaza under a strong set of treaties with Israel.

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