Should Obama “hire” Romney as: Economy Czar?

10 Nov

Using conventional tools for measuring performance, one would quickly reach the conclusion that President Obama’s four years in office were a failure. Since, in spite of being a poor leader, manager, and communicator, Barak Obama is a smart, charismatic orator, and human being, no doubt that he realizes his failing, and will seek solutions.

Would America’s young brash President look to solutions in his largest failing area, the economy? Without a doubt: Yes!

Since another issue for Obama was to manage a bi-partisan Congress, what could be better than to solve the problems with the economy using “an instrument” that could deal with both issues? How about appointing Mitt Romney the: Economy Czar? How about killing two birds with one stone?

Much of “the left” dislikes Mitt Romney, but even those who dislike the man generally agree that he is good at “manipulating,” and managing within the US economic structure, why not, President Obama, solve you economic, and bi-partisan issues while appeasing those millions who voted against you in 2012?


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