Obama is Iran’s (Khomeini) “enemy of choice!” Or, are Muslims preparing an “October Surprise?”

20 Oct

 Obama is Iran’s (Khomeini) “enemy of choice

Most of the Islamic World view President Obama as a sympathizer of Islam, after all the young American President is of Islamic birth, and spent most his formative under Islamic influences, in Muslim environments. In addition to sensing Islamic sympathies, most Muslims observe Obama’s interaction with Benyamin Netanyahu, and read it as being cool, a pleasing situation for nearly all Muslims.

Another action by the Obama Administration that gives impetuous to the rising Islamic feeling that as long as Barak Obama is President of the United States it would be possible to expand Sharia law around the world was the US reaction to Arab Springs. The Obama Administration decided to “lead [the Arab Springs action] from behind.” Arab Springs was a signal of a move to expand Sharia law; the United States Administration mistook it for a move towards Sharia law.

The Iranian and most other Islamic regimes mocked the Barak Obama’s Cairo speech to the Islamic World, an appeasing and conciliatory dissertation. Most Islamic regimes, as was stated by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, were very pleased to have a sympathizer of Islam at the helm in the United States.

On several occasions after the Cairo speech, President Obama suggested, either directly, or though Secretary of State Clinton, that the United States would like to use diplomacy with Iran. Every time a US proposal for diplomacy came up, the Iranians in the person of Ahmadinejad mocked the United States stating unequivocally, that Iran has no desire to negotiate with the United States as long as the United States maintain friendly relations with the Jewish State of Israel. Never since President Obama took office did Iran suggest that US pressures would cause it to change course, or comply with resolutions to slow down its nuclear efforts.

Iran’s Supreme Commander, the Ayatollah Khomeini, through his mouthpiece Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, kept insisting that as long as President Obama is in office, the Iranian’s do not intend to take United Stated demands seriously. Iran would love to have Barak Obama remain in office after the United States election of 2012.

Please examine closely the international political arena between now and the United States election, there is little or no doubt that you will see activities from Iran that are designed to sway the United States election in favor of Barak Obama, their: “Enemy of choice!”

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