Indignation a debating tactic Obama deployed, but failed! Obama loses debates due to anger and failing record.

17 Oct

Indignation a debating tactic Obama deployed, but failed!

When a participant in a debate loses control, and appears angry, or overly upset; said debater essentially loses the debate. There are those who object vehemently to those who question their integrity, if there is veracity to their complaint, it may not hurt their position, but if it is a designed to cover-up something, anything, and the cover-up is exposed; they lose!

The Obama Administration botched up the Libya situation beyond one’s wildest imagination, it then tried to cover-up. There is little, or no doubt that enough people within the Administration realized that the situation in Libya was dire, and that it was not something spontaneous dug to an obscure movie, yet spokes persons for the Administration kept insisting that that was the case.

Days after the event Susan Rice a direct conduit to the President stated on national TV that the situation was not an act of terror, but reaction to the movie.

During the debate Obama, cleverly too the lead and blamed Governor Romney for politicizing the situation. When Romney tried to explain that the Administration lying should be exposed, the President went into a tirade, he expressed righteous indignation because Romney criticized the integrity of his (Obama’s) underlings.

Since President Obama was well aware of the fact that the mission in Libya warned the Administration of a looming disaster, and requested more security, but was turned down by the State Department, and since the President realized that added security might have saved four American lives, his anger and indignation were due to guilt not the objection to politicizing.

As Obama said, when asked about Hillary Clinton offering to shoulder the blame, the “buck stops with the President,” that include the failing to secure the American missions in Libya, and the extensive lying about the subject.

Since President Obama is guilty of lying to his employer (“we the people,) shouldn’t the man be subject to severe punishment? Perhaps to termination.


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