Is Bill Clinton a liability, not an asset, to Obama?

14 Oct

Is Bill Clinton a liability, not asset, to Obama?

The fantastic politician that Bill Clinton is, instincts that he brings with him, and on the surface, an enviable tenure as President, is in his entirety an ego driven individual. The former President still has aspirations to occupy the White House in 2017, perhaps not as President, but as “first spouse.” To that end President Clinton is going to do all he can in order to have enough [Democratic] political credits that should Hillary Clinton decide to run for President in 2016, she would have the inside track.

Bill Clinton “on the stump” for President Obama is some of the early “dues” the ex-President is paying his Party.

Should one ask Bill Clinton in confidence his views about how the Obama Presidency compares to what one by him would have done, one can rest assured that the ex-President would not be overly flattering of President Obama’s accomplishments. No doubt that Clinton’s view is that he could do a much better job than President Obama is doing. But, Bill Clinton will not say that, Bill Clinton will work hard at keeping the tracks clear for his wife’s future ambitions.

All that notwithstanding, Bill Clinton’s present in Obama’s campaign events would ignite memories of better economic times, and a President who was able to manage in a hostile bipartisan environment. People memories are short, the impeachment is viewed as a personal issue, Enron, the e-commerce disaster, and his other failures are forgotten, a booming economy is remembered, and people are hoping to be able to return to the “good old days,” when Bill Clinton was President.

The fear Obama’s people must have must be in the fact that their candidate has a failing tenure behind him, and the public is reminded that with proper leadership good time can be had. Based on statistics, except perhaps for African-American voters, many voters may well be swayed away from President Obama when memories of the Clinton good time are re-kindled.

Not even the most avid Democrat would deny that Obama’s first four years were not marked by a stellar performance, or that can be defended as a successful Administration. Those who blame it on Congress would be reminded by the mere presence of President Clinton that an obstructive Congress can be managed, and that it is perhaps time to replace the present Administration that may function more like the one did under President Bill Clinton.

Food for thought!

One Response to “Is Bill Clinton a liability, not an asset, to Obama?”

  1. Mary Valdois December 18, 2012 at 9:17 pm #

    Hillary should not run for President in 2016, as the Social Security Recipeints are going to be very angered over Obama’s actions regarding placing it on the table…..nothing against Hillary (very capable), but it would appear that President Obama’s actions on Social Security being placed on the table……will be a detriment to anyone running on the Democratic Ticket. The Republicans do not need to feel any cheer, they are further behind than the Democrats in popularity. However, if the Democrats keep digging they will eventually be even in popularity.

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