Obama versus Romney: Ideologue v. Pragmatist!

11 Oct

Obama versus Romney: Ideologue v. Pragmatist!

Governor Romney is a centrist with right leaning fiscal policies, mixed with some religious beliefs. If you listen to the man with care, it is not difficult to ascertain what he really is, no masquerading to be found! President Obama, on the other hand, is an ideologue with clear leanings to the left; I see little, if any, centrist imitation, or tendencies.

It is disturbing to me how those committed to one candidate, or the other, justify their candidate’s actions, regardless what they may be.

Those, for example, who  jump to the President’s defense when he lost his first debate with Romney, by switching the discussion to the Romney lies issue, when in reality his candidate simply lost this particular debate on the merit a good debater versus a poor one, not on lies. Those on the left keep suggesting that Romney lies, and/or flip-flops, which he may, or may not do, at times, but that is what politicians do.

Adapting to changing circumstances, for example, is not a flip-flop; it is simply the right thing to do. Last word on lies. The 9/11/2012 events in Libya were followed by lies to the public, as well as to the media by: Barak Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Susan Rice. These outright lied, they all knew they were lying; they never apologized, or explained why they lied.

Lying to one’s employer, the American public in this case, is a clear violation of trust, and a cause for dismissal.

Governor Romney is not an ideologue, President Obama, is. Romney is a good leader and manager who can effectively work in a hostile environment, President Obama proved that he couldn’t.

Barak Hussein Obama, a bright, charismatic, orator extraordinaire, a good athlete, and a community organizer, BUT: Barak Obama is a poor communicator, a marginal leader, and a man who is stumped by hostility. Obama is brilliant when with supporters, terrible in the face of adversity.

Finally, Obama and his foreign policy team have shown a total lack of understanding of how the world works. The way they read the Arab Springs event, for example, was a terrible error in judgment for the Administration. The US effort of: “Leading from behind” was a big mistake, as was the thinking that Arab Springs was a move towards democracy. Arab Springs in reality it was a move towards expanding Sharia rule; the recent 9/11 events in North Africa, offered a clear proof that the expanding Sharia notion was indeed behind Arab Springs.

Back to Governor Romney. The man is a pragmatist, not one guided by strong ideology. Romney is a good manager, understands how to function in the face of hostility, and is fiscally conservative. Romney is the total contrast to Obama who is an impractical ideologue guided by beliefs, not facts.

Let me end by saying that I would probably rather have a beer with Obama than with Romney, but that when it comes to governing the USA, I would much rather see Mitt Romney, than Barak Obama, at the helm of state!


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