Time for: “Tax-Equitablizm!”

9 Oct

Time for: “Tax-Equitablizm!”

Barak Hussein Obama, the 44th President of these United States, is not a Socialist. The young Chicago lawyer has a social conscience, he is concerned about income disparity between the rich and the poor, but he is not a Socialist.

President Obama openly suggests that taxes could, in his opinion should, be used to affect a level of tax equalization. Such an approach, in the United States may be welcome by the poor, perhaps by some of the Middle Class, also by rich “liberals.” I also maintained that it is easiest for the rich to be liberal since sharing in their wealth would unlikely reduce their affluence by very much. The Kennedy family always seemed to be the epitome model if the rich-liberal, it its very positive sense.

Equalization is an approach that would reward people not based on their contribution, but rather because they happen to exist, not a very rational thing to do. For those who due to some G-d given handicap, be it physical, mental, or both, cannot contribute; society owes consideration, and a sustainable means to live in a respectable manner. Those who are able to contribute, should be compensated in a manner of their contribution, and or more importantly, by the level of effort they put forth to optimize their contribution.

Disparity, under equitable money distribution would still exist, after all the Creator did not make all people equal, but people doing the same job would then be compensated by how ell they do the job, and for any discriminatory reasons such as gender, race, or some other natural part of what they are.

When Congress decides that it is time to “fix” the cumbersome and antiquated US tax code, an equitablizmation guideline should be used. America is now over 2000 years old; it is time it shows some added maturity by trying to have its citizens earn a level of quality of life commensurate with their contribution to society.


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