Post Mortum to Netanyahu’s UN Speech!

9 Oct

Netanyahu’s UN speech was not much of a bombshell; it was just a reminder that the world is facing a serious threat that is not likely to go away unless somebody does something.

History does not really repeat itself, but there are lessons one must learn from history. Netanyahu mentioned that should the world acted to Italy’s taking over of Ethiopia, World War II might have been avoided, but the League of Nations was weak, as, unfortunately is the United Nations today.

Netanyahu pointed out, as he did in the past, that a “red line,” let me rename that and call it: “An event certain,” by Iran should trigger MILITARY action.

Going largely unnoticed, by choice, or by desire, is the fact that Iran’s actions essentially a message to Obama saying: “In your face!” Obama’s sympathies and weakness when dealing with the Islamic World makes the likes of Ahmadinejad view America as a “toothless tiger, which he enjoys taunting at every turn. Additionally in spite of Barak Hussein Obama’s spending his formative years in Islamic environment, the young American President seems to be clueless when dealing with Muslims.

For example, when the Obama Administration “lead from behind” following the Arab Spring event, it thought that it was supporting a move towards democracy, when in reality it was a beginning of expanding Sharia rule. Recent events in the Islamic World were not the result of some meaningless movie; they are a beginning of a move towards Islamic domination.

As long as America has a President that Muslims feel capitulates to pressure, and is too weak to take firm action when it deals with Islam, one should not expect improved relations between the Islamic World and the West.

If Barak Obama is re-elected he would have to demonstrate the he is a changes man, one who will do whatever is necessary to protect the interests of America and its allies. If he is returned to office and maintains his present posture, the United States will be faced with unprecedented turmoil that would make previous economic and geo-political problems appear like a caked-walk.

As far as Iran goes, Israel is not likely to do anything until after the election is over. The time between the election, and change of Administration would be critical. Should Romney be elected, Israel would wait for the new President to take office, and then decode what to do. But, should President Obama get re-elected, and Iran approaches the “red line,” I will let the readers make their own speculations!

To conclude, it is Israel’s desire not to be wiped off the map, and Israel’s leaders, be it Benyamin Netanyahu, or anyone else, will make sure that its vital interests are protected, and, as they should, do so at any cost!


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