Is Obama to Democrats like Muhammad to Muslims?

23 Sep

Doing blogging on the Huffington Press (HP) web, one deals with many opinions, mostly left leaning Democrats. There are many negatives posts about Mitt Romney and the GOP, a few in support of the Republicans.

Participating on the HP for several months one cannot help but be overwhelmed by how those on the left admire President Obama, admiration borders on worship. The anger Obama supporters voice when criticism of Obama is made is nearly as violent (through the use of words, not swords) as that [numerous] Muslims display when Mohammed appears to desecrated.

President Obama is obviously a bright orator who is well-educated and who posses a great deal of charisma. In spite of all the man’s favorable traits, President Obama seems to be an ineffective communicator who cannot lead in a complex bipartisan environment.

Numerous obvious failures in Obama’s first term, those who support him speak of the President as if he is the savior, almost the reincarnation, the coming of the Messiah. Obama’s followers who in most cases are aware of the failing economy, foreign policy in shambles, and a general inability to manage within the Washington environment, in an irrational manner feel the Obama is the solution of all the nations problems, present and future.

It is hard to explain the President’s support, except in some cases. To the African-American community, he represent the fact that he is a part of one, and every one of their members; it is clear that based on performance 95% would not vote for Obama, but they will. To a lesser degree are Latinos who regardless of how poor a job Obama does, would vote about 60% for the President. Those in the “white” community who support the President, however seem to be the zealots, especially white women.

Being the first man of colors to occupy the White House, his liberal views, and his social policies explain some of Obama’s support. But, the worship by a core of people, worship that rivals Muslims worship of the [dead] Mohammed is beyond explanation, but it DOES exist!

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