Neither pure socialism, nor pure capitalism [can] exist; why the outcry about Obama’s “virtual”-socialism?

22 Sep


 Reprint (by request) from February 2009

Prologue: Those interested in the topic of this blog which deals with the facts that Capitalism, as is Socialism, in their pure states, cannot survive within sovereign human societies, should also avail themselves of:

This blog, Part II: Why is it not possible for either purs Socialism or pure Capitalism to survive?


Pure Capitalism means anarchy, while pure Socialism means Chaos!

The issue: Since neither pure socialism, nor pure capitalism [can] exist; why the outcry about Obama’s [virtual]-socialism? Theoutcry about what many spoke-persons for US conservatives label: European Socialism?

Conservative media voices, such as Hannity, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Beck, Ingel, Coulter, to name a few, keep telling their audiences that socialism never worked. What they fail to tell their audiences is that neither did capitalism. As a matter of fact, one cannot identify an economic system that endured without including socialistic elements, or without undergoing major changes, throughout the history of civilization.

Some economies have been around and prospered for a few years, they were (a few still are) generally a hybrid operations adopting principals from one system or another, when it deemed advisable. There are a number of capitalistic countries (such as Canada, and perhaps Sweden) that boast national, or socialistic health care systems. Their systems may not be perfect, but they are clearly not inferior the the US system, and they do not leave out tens of millions of their citizen without any health resources.

United States capitalism, the great success, that it appeared to be from time to time, had major failures (such as the great dipression, and the situation we are in today;) that notwithstanding, it also deploys socialistic elements to simply allow it to function. Labor unions, the small amount of income re-distribution in the tax code, and welfare, are but three examples, there are many more, none are necessarily destructive items to degrade capitalism, to the contrary, they usually enhance the way economies operate.

Conservatives should not fear Obama for socialistic elements that he may introduce in his policies; if they chose to criticize the President, they should do so on the merit of each item they don’t like, not because they could attach the socialism label to it!

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