Obama: No moral-authority — allowing the Syria massacre:

20 Sep

Obama: No moral-authority — allowing the Syria massacre:

In spite of sympathies for the Islamic World, Barak Hussein Obama allows Syria’s Assad to slaughter tens of thousands of civilians while standing by, leaving the United States without the moral-authority required to be a world leader.

“Syria is burning!”

Over 20,000 civilians killed and the United States and its allies are standing by, what courage, what responsibility.

When Assad replaced his father as President few, if any, felt that he was capable of doing the job. Much like President Obama, he bright, well educated, and inexperienced. Like Obama he is a poor communicator while a good orator, and like Obama he does not have leadership capabilities.

Assad was, and is out to prove that he is a satisfactory replacement for his father, His father slaughtered 30,000 civilians in order to protect his rule; it now seems that the young Assad is well on his way to catch up with his father and kill at least 30,000 Syrian civilians. And the United States is standing by.

Obama’s posture regarding Syria leaves the man and his Administration without any moral authority to lead the world.

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